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Walking On Purpose

What does it mean to walk on purpose? Why do you need purpose? People often ask, how do you know your purpose in life and how do you work towards it? These are thought provoking questions and the simple fact is, when you see a person who has purpose for their lives, you can tell immediately that this person knows when they are coming from and where they are headed. Living a purposeful life requires you to set your eyes on the picture you would like your life to look like. It means you have clear cut out plans and you intend to work towards achieving each of those plans.

You need purpose because there is nothing as chaotic as a purposeless life. A life of purpose gives you something to work towards, it gives you directions and it helps you work with people who share the same zeal and ideologies as you. If you wake up in the morning with absolutely no idea of what you would like to accomplish that day, you sincerely have no purpose as far as that day is concerned and you will end up being not as productive as you should ordinarily be. What do I think about walking on purpose?

  • People who work on purpose have identities: If you don’t know what you are, how do you expect others to know what you are? If you do not identify with a cause, how do you expect to tell people this is what you would like to be identified with? A purposeful life is one that can be easily identified. You know who you are when you have purpose and others who come in contact with you know it too!

  • Purposeful people are principled people: If you have purpose, no one can make you feel less of yourself. You know your ideals and you know what it will take to get you where you are headed so you are focused and you have principles.

  • Purposeful people take on challenges head on: People with purpose do not allow challenges to derail them because they have a great future ahead and are not afraid to take on any challenges they may encounter on their way to the top.

  • Purposeful people walk confidently and their countenance always scream I absolutely know where I am headed.

It is super important to define your goals and aspirations. People who walk on purpose are deliberate. It requires a great amount of work and guidance from people you look forward to.

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