Known as one of the world’s upcoming and remarkable levitational leaders, Yvonne Phillips is a dynamic personality with an ‘attention to vision’ skill-set, and a relentless obsession with pouring endless cups of greatness into community leaders, non profit organizations, future business owners, visionaries, and all audiences seeking a revolution of levitational expansion. Yvonne’s overall mission is to stimulate a transformation in others by strategically delivering a global narrative platform that encourages one to identify, understand, declare and levitate into their ultimate divine purpose. 

As a premier member and affiliate for two of the most recognized and respected speaking organization-Toastmasters International and The National Speakers Association- Yvonne believes strongly in the idea of being mindful of who and what you give your attention to and surrounding yourself around like-minded individuals who will hold you accountable, in pursuit of reaching your goals. She creatively infuses her powerful life story while empowering her audiences to stand tall and boldly embrace the necessary transformations of life. With only a few months shy of 15 years of service with the United States Air Force, Yvonne holds the rank of Master Sergeant (E7) and occupies an exceptional and influential leadership role in which she admits has strongly contributed to helping identify her “Why”. 

Yvonne admits to being inspired by some of the world’s greatest and influential speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs of all time and such as; Oprah, Joel Osteen, Les Brown, Bishop TD Jakes, Lisa Nichols, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein, Eric Thomas, and Nelson Mandela.  

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