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Trusting The Process

The thin line between achieving what we set out to achieve and our present position is that tiny little agent called fear. Fear stops us from taking risks, it stops us from going for things that lead to our happily ever after. You know, the problem with most of us lies in the fact that we are unable to control what is happening to us or around us at a point in time. We want to have control most of the time and not having that control simply freaks us out!

You begin to wonder what is meant by the term trust the process. Trusting the process requires you bearing in mind a larger picture of where you are headed and that the phase you are passing through is one that is not meant to be your last stop.

Do you know that whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not, life will happen? Have you ever had a time where you found it super difficult to make it through a situation? Have you ever had moments you think to yourself, I am more than this, I can pull through this situation?

Life would always happen, it is a constant. If you can overcome this challenge today, then you can overcome the one that comes with tomorrow, it is all a part of the process that makes you what you are.

You do know that challenges are part of the ingredients required for growth. How do you expect to grow without a test of how far you have come? You simply cannot say you have grown if you do not face tests that you can triumph over. Where will you get the experience to take on a greater challenge if the little ones do not come, it is all a part of the process!

Develop a positive attitude towards phases you are going through now. Do not see them as horrible challenges (though some can totally be) look at them like an avenue to expand, a part of one process that is gradually coming together nicely.

I perfectly understand that trusting the process and letting go can be a cumbersome and a tad uninteresting, it is okay when your plans do not come through sometimes, it is absolutely fine if in some cases, you do not meet that result you would rather have, it is all a part of the process!

The next time a situation hits you in the face, take a deep breathe, believe in yourself and trust that it is part of a developing plot!

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