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Positive Motivational Speaking

As a levitation a leader and business Coach Yvonne Phillips provides high energy, dynamic presentations which are guaranteed to strategically levitate your organization and awaken the hearts and minds of your people! With more than a decade of experience as a compelling levitation a leader, entrepreneurial coach, and Speaker-Yvonne has given over 500 presentation to audiences across the globe including the arm forces and also many civilian corporations.

As an expert in levitational leadership for business rejuvenation, Yvonne’s programs are designed to ignite a fire in the hearts and minds of startup businesses, corporate organizations and individuals looking to breakthrough into the world of entrepreneurship! Yvonne’s company encourages companies to “take a stance now”!!!

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen
Image by John Schnobrich

Business Visionary Consultant

If you’re looking for a dynamic downpour of success to overcome your organization, please allow Yvonne Phillips and her staff to sprinkle their powerful trail of gasoline in pursuit of igniting an unstoppable fire in the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs, current business owners, organizations or any professional interested in living life to their maximum potential!!


Yvonne and her team are also available to work as an MC/facilitator, product/media spokesperson, executive coach and also an expert panel participant.

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