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Believing In Yourself

Everything that happens to us in life is a result of ours or other people’s choices. Believing that you can do something is one of the strongest motivators anyone can ever have in life. You really are all you have and to make you a tad above others, you have to believe you can make yourself succeed where others have tried and failed, that is the stuff great people are made up of.

Here are practices you can engage in that will further strengthen your belief in yourself:

  1. Tell yourself you can do it no matter what! People often underestimate the power of positive thinking and speaking positively to oneself. I once heard of an old Japanese rice experiment. This experiment requires you to put rice in two separate jars, place them in separate places in your room, you can label them positive and negative individually. Every morning, say hello to the jar you have labelled positive, say positive things to it. Move to the negative bottle and do the opposite. The experiment is supposed to last for 30 days and after this time, you will see a noticeable rot in the negative jar while the positive jar stays almost as fresh as it did when you started the experiment. This goes to prove that what you say to yourself does matter!

  2. You always have more than one choice, believing in yourself should make you take the positive one! Whenever you are presented with options and you start to sway towards the negative choice, you have started entertaining doubts and you certainly are doing the opposite of believing in yourself.

  3. What you visualize is what you will get: If you limit your dreams, you are bound to achieve limiting results, it is no rocket science. If you give good things to people, someday, somehow, it will come back to you.

  4. Act as if: You have to act as if you have it. There is nothing more self-affirming or reassuring than being in the mode of living as if your dream is a reality already.

Believing in yourself is the best thing you can do to your self-esteem, this attitude helps you take on each new day with renewed vigor and strength. You step out knowing you can handle whatever challenges life throws your way at any point in time. What other feeling could possibly beat this in the world?

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