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Showing Gratitude

Gratitude is the act of appreciating an act of kindness done to you or someone you love. Naturally, the act of kindness incites a feeling of being appreciated in the person who has done the act and often propels them to want to share the kindness to other people or even to you at another time. Do you know that feeling gratitude without showing it is as bad as not feeling it at all in the first place? It goes to show that you really do not care about the person at all or you do not care about their feelings enough.

In everything that you know how to do, make sure showing gratitude and saying thank you is one of them. It doesn’t have to be to your superiors only, it shouldn’t be reserved for when someone does a huge act, it shouldn’t be used sparsely.

Ways to show gratitude

Like I stated, if you do not show gratitude to someone who has done something amazing for you, how does the person want to know that you appreciate their act of kindness? How are they to know that it was a gracious act that you found thoughtful? If you haven’t been showing gratitude to others just because you don’t know how to, you can take a comfortable seat because we are going on a jolly ride in this piece;

  • Say kind words: Nothing shows that you appreciate someone better than expressly telling them you appreciate them. Even where you expressly do not have anything to say, make sure your utterances speak kindness. We all agree that our spirits are lifted when someone says kind things to us, so do it to others!

  • Listen: Listening intently when people speak shows that you respect and value their input or the fact that they are asking you for your own opinion. Nothing feels more disrespectful and quite underwhelming than having an audience that is not paying attention to what you are saying.

  • Mementos: These are a fantastic way to show people that you care about them and you appreciate what they mean to you!

  • Call to check in on them

  • A colleague that misses work? You can call in on them or send a message to check on their wellbeing.

Saying a thank you can be all the spirit lifting message someone needs to hear at that moment. Never fail to take chances that will go a long way to show people that you appreciate their gestures!

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