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Motivation- How to do what you absolutely do not want to do!

There are times we have our lazy bouts. In fact, often, we procrastinate and we keep pushing away things we are supposed to do at one moment to the other. Certain times, these do not have to be major tasks, it could be stepping out to buy your favorite meal, cleaning the house, calling a longtime friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, it could be as minute as putting a wrongly placed item back where it is supposed to be but we still find a way to push these tasks aside. So the question is how do you make yourself do something you absolutely do not want to do?

In this post, we will highlight easy practical tips to doing what you don’t want to do. The list is certainly not exhaustive but they have worked for people in times past and I certainly hope you pick one or two habits!

  • Admit it: No one has ever gotten past a problem by remaining in denial and the honest truth is that at one or more points in our life, we have procrastinated. Before you can move on to the other steps, admit to yourself that you do need to make every minute count.

  • Work as you go: I always tell my friends that this is one of the major rules you should obey when you are trying to get yourself to do what you don’t want to do. Certain times, what we refuse to do would build up into something so huge that starting would be an option you don’t want to explore anymore. See something out of place as you are walking past your TV stand? Put it back in place! Cooking in the kitchen and utensils are piling up on counter tops and the sink? You absolutely shouldn’t wait till you finish cooking and eating your meal before cleaning up! Let your watchword be; do it on the go!

  • Make it interesting: This tip works like magic with kids, even adults alike. If you infuse fun into your tasks, you will begin to look forward to doing things you would not ordinarily want to do.

  • Create a reward system if you have to: Rewards systems have their pros and cons. It is an amazing way to get great results fast. Do you have a major work to do and you can’t seem to find inspiration? Create something to look forward to after completing that task!

These are just a few tips that would certainly mark a difference in how you undertake tasks, start small, take little breaks, find inspiration in your surroundings and you will find yourself completing tasks even better!

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