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Inspiration- How to not let external forces demotivate you/ How to stay motivated even

when you feel demotivated

In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep one’s eyes on the price, there is the need to actually examine how one can work without allowing external forces cut one’s focus.

The honest truth is that circumstances around us can be extremely demotivating. Certain times, we fall and then when we get back up, we strengthen our resolve never to fall again but soon after we find ourselves in yet another unpleasant pitfall then we begin to wonder what exactly we have left to fight for.

Life is certainly not a fairy tale, we definitely cannot have our way all the time and yes, there are times where our burning torch just dies out for no reason we can place our hands on. This piece here, is to help you understand how you can focus even where external forces threaten to demotivate you from actualizing your goals!

1. Understand what is making you feel the way you do: Sometimes, the problem is just

with the food you ate that morning or your spouse that forgot to do something for you!

Feelings do not just come from somewhere, some factors are responsible for them and

unless you figure out what these things are, it will be super hard for you to do away with

these external forces demotivating you.

2. Sleep! I cannot stress the importance of naps enough. All you need to do sometimes to

make sure everything is calm in your head and you are able to take on the next task

calmly is to take a much needed rest! Countlessly, people have related stories of how

demotivated they had been to complete a task but a power nap helped them to shut out all

external factors and they were able to successfully do what they were required to.

3. Put that device away: My o my, social media has taken so much from us and has left us

with so little. Feeling a little under or overwhelmed? Do you need to focus on your goal

without distractions from every angle? You may need to actually put that phone away!

The secret to overcoming demotivation is certainly not there!

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances: Sometimes we feel demotivated because we are faced

with a major decision to make, it is time to face the situation square in the face and show

it how big you can be in the face of challenges!

Daily, we are faced with several challenges that threaten to demotivate us and how we respond to them makes us what we are. Stay motivated, stay inspired, be the best version of you!

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