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Defining Your Why

Why are you here? Why do you want this job? Why are you not taking this opportunity instead of that? Why are you giving this preference over that? These are all questions we have had to give answers to at some point in our lives.

At every point in time in life, we are presented with whys and our answers all shape up in an

answer we are giving to a bigger question, why were you born, what is your purpose? We have at some point picked up offences at being asked some why questions, we have even labelled some people as being intrusive but the simple truth is there is the need to define your why!

Defining your why gives you something to focus on. It helps others understand you and why you act the way you do. It undoubtedly stops people from asking whys all the time because they know what you are working towards and the goals you are trying to achieve. Below are questions you can ask yourself on your journey to you your amazing self-discovery

  • What makes you happy? This is about identifying where your happiness is. The key to our happiness is often the underlying reason for our being. Some business gurus even advice that you make a living out of what you are happy to do, it helps you truly enjoy doing what you do, you wake up daily, knowing you can achieve all that you have set out to achieve simply because you find happiness doing it. I ask again, to help you define your why, what makes you happy?

  • What do you excel at that others do not find easy? Here you should consider things that come easy to you. Things that you can undertake easily without batting an eyelash. In finding your why, you want to identify what separates you from a sea of people out there in the world.

  • What do you want to stand out for? We all talk about laying legacies, how do you find your why if you don’t recognize what you want to stand for and be remembered by?Here, you need to recognize what you will do to make your memory remain even long after you are gone.

  • Finally, create your image of success: Take a breath, put pen to paper and describe a grand future for yourself. It sometimes is as simple as that!

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