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Balance With Family

Striking a Balance with family, work, school and every other daily life activities

Every day we wake up to repeat virtually the same routine, wake up, take a shower and rush

breakfast on the move as you do a mad dash across your parking lot in order to make it out to your destination on time.

The simple truth is that if these routines do not leave time for us to enjoy life and the beauty of having loved ones around then it is not an entirely healthy routine. We do tend to allow life pass us by as we are in the pursuit of our goals. As parents, we create time for work all the time and barely spare a second glance at our kid’s assignment, as kids, we get so carried away with school projects that we can barely string two words together in reply to a question someone asks of us.

A lot of people move around, delicately balancing all of their lives in just one aspect while

neglecting everything that is supposed to make it all come together. The question then is how can one balance life, family, work and every other activities without making one suffer for the other?

How do you achieve a delicate mix that makes everything work together for you?

To be honest, it is not an easy task. Some of us have jobs that take us away almost all the time and we cannot afford not to make ends meet for our family members. For some, work is what gives them the sense of responsibility and importance and they will never give it up for anything in the world. While I understand this, I would proffer a few tips that would sure help you balance all especially when you feel you have been lacking.

Develop a sixth sense: Sometimes, you don’t have to be there, all you have to be is

sensitive! Even as demanding as your work is, make it a point of duty to sniff out

problems as soon as your presence is available, this goes to show that you have your

loved ones in mind even though they do not see you all the time!

  • Make it count at every opportunity you get.

  • Never forget milestones; set a reminder if you have to!

  • Help with small tasks when you are available, that way, your loved ones feel as if you are still in the loop;

  • Say it like you mean it; whenever you get the chance to show you care, never ever fail to show it!

Creating time for the things that matter most to us can really prove a daunting task with life

throwing us challenges upon challenges. Whenever you get the opportunity to, make it count!

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