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Redefining Your Goals

To have a focus in life, it is necessary to have goals. Goals give you a sense of direction and concentration, they help you maintain a steady head even amidst difficulties and give you a sense of accomplishment with every milestone you make, bearing in mind the bigger picture.

When we say redefining your goals, we do not mean overhauling your entire dreams in exchange for something else, we certainly do not mean abandoning the cause you have been championing half done while picking up another goal halfheartedly, redefining your goal is about going back to the thinking board to re-strategize.

When do you know it is time to redefine your goals? How do you go about redefining your goals? All of these would be addressed in this blog post.

Time to redefine your goals

Only a person who is unwise would do the same thing over and over again then expect different results! Certain times, in pursuit of our goals, we undertake missions that do not yield results. We do these missions over and over again yet, the results may be less than desirable. If you fall into this category, it is time to redefine your goals and what you are doing to achieve them. Examine other options that may prove useful to tackling that problem and you may just find out that all you ever needed was somewhere else you weren’t looking at.

How to redefine your goals

If you have established that you need to re-strategize, then you need to get on it as soon as you can. I will ask certain thought provoking questions that will help you ascertain for a fact that you do need to cause a change and as such, you will be able to deduce what it is you have to do in order to get back on track;

  • Have you even identified your goals at all?

  • Are you being honest with yourself? Considering all external factors around you, is your goal realistic? What are you doing to actualize the goals?

  • Are you learning from others? Do you even have a mentor?

  • Are you shying away from taking the higher risks and you have been cowering under the guise of going slow?

  • Are you being accountable?

You see, the key is to constantly remind yourself of where you are headed and as you work towards it, go back “every time” to make sure you are still on track. As soon as you find out that there are some activities that are not in consonance with your goals, go back; redefine, reaffirm yourself!

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