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Living Your Dreams

Living your dreams

Sometimes, I wonder what it is to live your dreams. We know we were created for something and we’ve always looked forward to becoming that dream someday but life and several challenges keep coming in our way, sometimes undermining even the greatest of our efforts at making our opportunities count.

What do you do when life throws you down? Do you know that one size never fits all shoes so what is your own personal answer to questions life throws at you? Over the years, I have come to realize that every positive step we take, whether or not we know it is one step towards our dream life and the responsibility is solely on us to make it count as we look towards living our dreams.

Situations can be damning, life can be demotivating and circumstances downright unfavorable, amidst all of these, I will discuss in a few bullet points below how you can live your dream right now!

  • Be honest about what you want: You see my dear reader, there is absolutely no seamless way to living your dream life, you are bound to encounter challenges and unless you are on a true cause and course, you will find yourself falling back and out all the time. What do you want from life? What is your why?

  • Get ideas: After you have honestly told yourself that you want to be a particular “person”, gather information, get diverse ideas. A professor once told a class after they had submitted an assignment that “there is absolutely no new ideas in the world as far as research papers are concerned, if someone hasn’t written it, someone has thought it”. So, go out there! Check the internet, it is one step towards the dream that you wish to live.

  • Take baby steps: Never be too afraid to start from somewhere. No big idea started big, they all started small. Your dream may be too big for others, it is not too big for you, take baby steps!

  • Do away with negatives: Let me sound it that it is important that you learn to distill constructive criticisms from damning ones. The downright negatives, those are the ones you should do away with!

  • Live your life! Never be too busy chasing the dream and living it without actually living life.

Actualizing your life’s goals can be a tad cumbersome but you know what, your dream is as large as you make it and always remember that finding fulfilment is almost as important as finding your life’s goals!

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