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Itemizing Your Plan

To itemize means to put in a clearly stated manner items and their costs in a bid to see at a first-hand glance what your plans are. It is sacrosanct in life that we have goals, aspirations and plans. It helps instill a sense of discipline in us. It grants us focus and we pretty much get to shape our lives around these plans.

Bearing in mind the fact that we must have plans for our lives we will move on to the advantages we stand to gain where we itemize those plans.

  1. Just like making a shopping list, itemizing your plans helps curb meaningless distractions. Imagine I was headed out to get some groceries without a clear cut plan of what I want, I certainly will end up spending more money than I want to because everything will suddenly become more useful to me, I might even end up duplicating some items simply because I have refused to itemize my shopping plan.

  2. Priority: When you itemize your plans, you are able to prioritize as you ought to. The thing is, we cannot put all of our energy into different ventures at the same time. By itemizing your plans, you know what you want to do first and what should come last.

  3. By itemizing your plans, you are devising a way to go about actualizing those plans. You know that once you move from point A, the next destination is point B. There is a sense of orderliness that comes with putting your thoughts out on paper, you feel refreshed and you know what your next line of action is.

  4. Helps others know when to offer help or vice versa. No man is an island and you should never be afraid to seek help when you feel it is needed. By itemizing your plans, other people who identify with you can see what stage you are at and can pitch in help. This doesn’t mean you put your plan out there for everyone to see, it means your immediate loved ones can see the course you are charting and can relate to your identity and purpose and as such, you too can get help when you need it.

It really can be as simple as ABC. You have a vision, put it down before you even forget what it is! It certainly is not only one step in the right direction, it is one step taken towards the actualization of those goals!

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