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Having a Vision

A vision is like a picture of what you want your life to be. I attended a fun vision board party one time and we were asked to meditate, to create a vision of what we wanted our future to look like and amazingly, it was the most fun I had had in a super long time, of course, I dutifully allowed my imagination to run as wild as I could and I think it is something you should try one time.

With a calming music playing in the background, make sure you are undisturbed, find a small space in your room, take a sit, close your eyes and visualize, project beautifully what you want your future to look like, spare no details, not even to the smallest stuff. This said, why is it important to have a vision?

  • There are countless reasons why you want to have a vision and the first for me would be to give your life a sense of direction. When you draw up a vision, you see clearly what your life is becoming in the nearest future, then you start to work towards the dream.

  • Having a vision helps others identify with you. You can easily identify people who have the same goals like you and walk with them. Having a vision makes you know the people you should move with and the people you sure want nothing to do with, this is one more reason you should visualize.

  • Your picture of the future gives you the much needed strength to forge ahead in the face of challenges. Life would sure throw you twists and turns and without a proper picture of what you want your future to look like, you may just falter. You may find yourself doing the same thing over and over again without results.

  • Your vision sure gives you goals. The two work hand in hand. When you have a vision, you create short term and long term goals that will help actualize that vision then you spend every waking day pursuing those goals individually!

  • Having a vision prevents you from making mistakes. We often make mistakes because we have no clear cut plans for ourselves. When you know what you want, you get to avoid pitfalls designed to derail you from getting your goals.

Honestly, visions are great and I believe everyone should absolutely find time to sit down and visualize the future they want for themselves. Ask yourself, do I make constant mistakes? What exactly do I want to have out of life? Do I have goals? The answers to these questions will determine whether you are focused on something!

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